Get Informed About Equine Inflammation Management Supplements

By Carl Lewis

Over the past few years, many companies selling horse related products and different kinds of supplements have cropped up. Literally just few years ago there were maybe two or three companies, but now there are dozens and each of them make ridiculous claims about how their supplements can potentially help your horse's joints. As your vet will tell you, equine inflammation management supplements should only be bought from authorized and an approved suppliers.

The fact is that there are hundreds if not thousands of different types of horse supplements that you can buy today. With all of the offline and online stores, and with all of the different supplement formulations you can literally choose from hundreds of products and this massive choice leave a lot of people confused.

In addition to this, it is also very important to carefully analyse every active ingredient that you find in an equine supplement, because a lot of companies like to add a lot of exotic sounding active ingredients to their formulations only to increase the perceived value of the product, but these active ingredients do very little to actually help our horses.

The first and probably the most important ingredient in any kind of joint supplement is Glucosamine HCL. It is important that you look for supplements that contain Glucosamine HCL and not Glucosamine Sulphate because Glucosamine HCL is primarily derived from herbs unlike Glucosamine Sulphate which is primarily derived from shells, which were known to cause allergies to horses. So what does Glucosamine do? It aids in the renewal of the connective tissue in and around the joints. It also aids in the renewal of the synovial fluid in and around the joint.

When it comes to equine supplements the choice can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different types of products and formulations. They range from feed balancers, joint and garlic supplements, calmers, digestive aids, wormers and plenty of other little-known categories. Some of them are great, whereas others are completely useless and are a total waste of money.

You see, the equine community is not big and once a particular product does not work everyone learns about it pretty quickly. In order to survive in this industry you've got to have a strong reputation and this is why it is safe to pick products that have been around for quite some time.

You have to be careful with the supplement you use to avoid allergic reactions. Unfortunately, it can be hard to diagnose an allergic reaction, as each of these symptoms can have some other causes, besides allergies.

When it comes to the issue of price, you are better off paying a little bit more for a product that works instead of focusing on cost cutting measures only to buy a product that endangers the life of your horse. If you are in doubt, consult your vet or other professionals before buying or using any supplement. The health of your horse is of paramount importance.

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