Basic Holistic Medicine In Curing Depression

By Daphne Bowen

Depression is not something that anyone should overlook. When you see someone who seems to be showing signs of depression or even when you feel yourself getting depressed, then you better consider getting treatment as soon as possible. Medical care is not the only way to cure depression. Here are some of the top holistic medicine Charlotte NC that you can use to cure your ailment.

First, you must consider the reason behind why you get depressed. With the feeling of being in a slump, that might just be a symptom of something circumstantial in life. You might think that it is a biochemical imbalance but that is not the case too. You must know the root of the depression so that you can find the appropriate solution for it.

Get enough exercise daily. You just need to move the body so that it releases the happy hormones, otherwise known as endorphins. These are the hormones that act as a natural anti-depressant. With the endorphins, you have a natural way of fighting off the feeling of slump you are currently suffering from.

It is not recommended for you to skip a meal. If you never skip a meal, then you will not have to suffer from any imbalance or deficiency, especially with your blood sugar. As much as possible, one must keep the blood sugar level of the body stable. By keeping it stable, you can easily reduce your mood swings.

A serotonin-enhancing diet is highly recommended for you. This is mainly because partaking in a serotonin-enhancing meal can help you increase serotonin levels. You should be able to stay away from anti-depressant pills with this option. The food to indulge in include those that are high in protein, with healthy fats, and with Omega-3 fatty acid.

Caffeine should be avoided. This is mainly because caffeine is effective at reducing your serotonin. If one's serotonin level is low, then you fall to depression quite easily. If one is using caffeine as an energy booster daily, you should consider finding alternatives to that. You can find a lot of alternatives, such as supplements, from the drug stores nowadays.

Exposing yourself to sunlight is necessary as well. Sunlight can easily boost your mood and that can increase your Vitamin D levels too. If you are living in an area that gets too little sun, then the person has two choices to assure that you get enough sunlight. You either consider moving to a well-lit place or invest in therapeutic light boxes for your home use.

Mood-enhancing supplements are quite essential for the body as well. These supplements can be easily purchased over-the-counter. Nevertheless, you should consider getting supplements only with the advice of a physician. There are risks and side effects you have to stay away from, especially when the supplement is paired with some other medications.

Your hormones should be maintained. Keep it as balance as possible, be it the adrenal, sex, or thyroid hormones. When these are out of whack, that can just make your mood all wonky. You might want to look for an integrative medicine doctor to administer some tests and promote putting your hormones in balance.

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