Filling Vacancies With Dental Staffing Agencies In Vancouver

By Daphne Bowen

People of all ages in Canada and throughout British Columbia make it a point to see their dentist often. With a growing number of patients looking to them for care, dentists sometimes find themselves short on help. Because it may not be prudent to advertise for new employees in a newspaper or online, they instead may choose to partner with experienced dental staffing agencies in Vancouver. These businesses have the ability to recruit, interview, and send over new applicants who are looking for work in the dentistry field and want to care for patients.

One of the most common shortage experienced throughout the country centers on keeping enough hygienists on staff. Hygienists clean people's teeth and also perform minor tasks to help make the dentist's job easier. This position can be demanding, however, which is why some individuals shy away from taking on such work. Dentists always need hygienists in their locations.

Another reason why such a shortage of this position exists is because these employees are assigned to one or two patients at a time. As providers take on more patients, more of these specialists will be required to fill the available positions. An agency that hires out candidates looking for such work can assist with keeping these jobs filled and clients cared for every day.

Receptionists also may have to undergo scrutiny to ensure that they are ready for the type of employment required by their possible employer. A receptionist will be expected to greet people as they come into the office and also answer phones at the same time. This individual also may answer letters and emails, update charts, make appointments, and otherwise take care of the front office.

An agency that has workers for this job can assist a dentist in keeping his or her practice running. They can give the candidate a typing test, ensure that this person has phone answering skills, and could fulfill other duties expected of him or her. Once the candidate passes the tests, this person may be sent over for the position.

An agency also has the ability to vet new dentists who have just graduated from college. Owners of established practices sometimes need new dentists to take on subordinate or partnership positions. Instead of making a visit to a British Columbia dentist college or trusting such a job to an online advertisement, they may instead look to a company that is qualified to recruit dentists for open positions at local practices.

An agency also has the capability of referring people for full-time, part-time, or seasonal work. Some months of the year are busier for dentists than others. For example, right before school starts parents may take their kids in for examinations, cleanings, and fillings. To ensure that every child is helped, practitioners may look to hire seasonal help to meet the increased flux of patients. Once the rush dies down, they can let go the temporary or seasonal employees.

When a dental establishment in Vancouver, British Columbia finds itself short on staff, they may look to agencies in Vancouver to assist them in recruiting and hiring new employees. The agency may vet and test possible applicants. It also could recruit applicants who have special licensing and medical degrees for professional employment.

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