Foxboro MA Chiropractor Helps Locals With Hip Pain Relief

By Erika Hertol

Hip pain can be very debilitating if it is not dealt with by a professional. Depending on the cause of the discomfort, a Foxboro MA chiropractor could be a good solution. The source of the pain should be considered before this measure is taken however.

In many cases, hip pain is caused by overuse injuries - routine activities put a stress on the joint which causes inflammation of the muscles surrounding it. A fall, especially in an older adult, can also cause trauma to the hips - even if no bones are broken. Minor falls can cause bursitis, an inflammation of the sac surrounding the hip, which can be quite painful.

In older adults, hip pain is most often caused by osteoarthritis, and while there is no way to reverse the progressive joint degeneration, chiropractic care can slow it down - and thus allow patients to delay joint replacement surgery, with its associated annoyances, downtime and often permanent loss of function.

A pinched nerve, also known as sciatica, is another issue doctor's see fairly often in their older patients. These nerves are connected to the spine and can cause pain and limited movement. A series of visits to a chiropractic office can make a big difference in the range of that movement and relief from constant pain.

Chiropractors often suggest their patients set up an exercise regimen at home that works in step with the office sessions. During the initial consultations this professional should set reasonable goals to achieve the maximum results. This might include an exercise and stretching program aimed at improving the patient's posture for instance.

If you are experiencing chronic hip pain, then contact a good chiropractor for a proper examination to determine what is wrong. Hip pain can be a sign of other diseases, so it is very important to quickly establish the cause.

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