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By Catherine Morgan

Medical devices are the appliances, apparatuses, instruments, soft wares, and materials which may either be used alone or a combination with any other instrument to perform a specific diagnostic or other therapeutic purpose. A particular device varies on its uses and its indications. Examples of devices are tongue depressors, medical thermometers, and disposable gloves. Utilized advanced technologies include computers for the conduction of medical testings, implants, and prostheses.

The manufacturing of these equipment may require the levels for controlling the processes that are according to the classifications of each device, so this means that the higher the risks, the more control it will have. Nowadays, through the aid of the new CAD and other modeling platforms, works become easier and faster. A lot of available equipment can be bought in medical supply store Long Island.

Utilizing new technologies and new designs may be costly but still worth it because it helps for the improvement quality, safety, and reliability levels. An example for these technologies are support devices. The most common use of these equipment is to transmit electricity pulses to the muscles in the heart through electrodes in the chest. Electrodes act as a contact to the heart, allowing to stimulate pulses for passing through a body.

These medical equipment have been recognized to have different classifications based on the complexity of designs, their characteristics of usage, and their harm when misused. The classifications are defined in many different ways. The uses may also vary from different places or countries such as in Bay Shore, NY.

The first classification is the machine used for medical imaging. Imaging is a process and a technique utilized in order to create a visual representation of a body interior for clinical analysis and for intervention. It also shows a representation of some tissues and organs. So the main purpose of this is to reveal the internal structures that are hidden by the skin and by the bones, and also, for diagnosing and treating diseases.

Another classification is a life support machine. Life support is one technique that is performed in emergencies in order the life of a person after some failures of vital organs. Generally, the emergency technicians and the healthcare providers are certified in performing the basic procedures for life support.

Third are monitors. These apparatuses allow staffs to measure the patients current state. Vital signs are also measured as well as other parameters including ECG, EEG, and blood pressure. A telemetry or a biotelemetry is the transmission process of data from monitor to the monitoring station.

CPM machines or the continuous passive motion are utilized in a first phase of rehabilitation which is following the surgical procedures for soft tissues. The first phase include reducing inflammation, protecting the healing of tissues, control the pain, and provide a passive motion. The device will move constantly the joints through motion ranges. Aside from these classifications being mentioned, there are still many categories in which the devices will fall into.

Biomedical equipment technicians are people that ensure equipment maintenance. These are people who are employed in private companies, hospitals, military, and clinics. Their jobs are to inspect, repair, modify, design, install, maintain, and calibrate systems and devices.

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