Learn How A Lawrenceville Chiropractor Alleviates Fibromyalgia Symptoms

By Princess Smith

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition involving pain throughout the body. Research has shown approximately 2 percent of the US population suffer from the symptoms associated with this disorder. Many people also report pain across the body, TMJ, sleep disruptions, IBS and a lack of energy that must be addressed with the assistance of a Lawrenceville chiropractor.

The chiropractor aims to address Fibromyalgia with the completion of a physical evaluation including spinal alignment and improved muscle tone. A professional approach includes the application of manual strategies and controlled pressure to target points on the body to assess sensitivity. For those affected by the disorder, the responses will be quick and more intensive.

Research has revealed an experimental group of patients responded favorably to chiropractic adjustments and a soft tissue technique referred to as ischemic compression. The individuals indicated enhanced sleep, energy and reduced pain. A neuromuscular professional is familiar with the impact of specific therapy on the nervous system of patients.

A combination of therapies including massage, spinal adjustments, and exercise can support patient affected by Fibromyalgia. The slow stretching and alignment for the body encourage a reduction in symptoms. Spinal movement is improved with manual measures involving gentle stretches or fast application to assist in restoring the balance in the spine.

For those affected by Fibromyalgia, it is important to consider spinal adjustments. A reduction in severe tenderness and sensitivity is achieved with supportive and non-invasive options for wellness. Compressed meninges in the spine includes spinal stenosis and requires manual correction to remove restrictions.

Professional measures including spine adjustments can enhance spinal alignment including upper cervical mobility. The goal for therapeutic intervention is to remove nerve irritation responsible for the agitation of Fibromyalgia. The impact of this condition can prove debilitating on everyday functioning and must be addressed with the assistance of an experienced and certified chiropractor.

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