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Actually, most people always long to have that beautiful smile. Nevertheless, some individuals may be having the yellowing or staining of teeth over time. Such staining can be as a result of drinking tea or coffee, smoking among others. Nonetheless, teeth whitening Houston enable you to whiten your teeth. This whitening procedure also enables an individual to remove any stains or discoloration. This treatment is one common cosmetic technique aimed at improving the manifestation of your smile.

Discoloration and staining normally form on the outer layer of the tooth known as the enamel. Usually, the natural color of a tooth is formed by scattering and reflection of light off your enamel together with dentin color under the enamel. However, your genes may affect the smoothness or the thickness of your enamel. If the enamel is thinner, more color of the dentin may show through. On the other hand, the smoothness or roughness of the enamel affects reflection of light as well, thereby affecting the color.

Mostly, staining or yellowing of the teeth could be a consequence of drinking dark-colored fluids such as coffee, tea, cola, or red wine and also the use of tobacco apart from failure to uphold proper oral hygiene. In addition, aging causes enamel thinning hence leading to darkening of the dentin. This consequently leads to the teeth becoming less bright.

There is also the possibility of the tooth being stained within, an occurrence called intrinsic stain. Such stains arise when children are exposed to fluoride when their teeth are still developing. Intrinsic stains could as well arise from taking drugs like tetracycline antibiotics. This stains the tooth when used by kids below 8 years or by expectant mothers during the last half of their pregnancy. In addition, trauma could also lead to tooth darkening. This is as the tooth responds to wounds by adding dentin layers usually darker in color.

During a whitening procedure, some dental problems may affect tooth whitening. For instance, cavities should be treated before this procedure. This is because the solution used in this procedure may pass to the decayed areas and get to the inner parts of your tooth. In case the gums have receded, the roots that have already been exposed may become discolored or yellow and the products used cannot whiten them.

In Houston TX, dentists are able to carry out two key whitening procedures. First is a vital-whitening procedure normally undertaken on a tooth having live nerves. In this procedure, some gel is applied directly onto the tooth surface. This procedure may be performed from home or even at the office of the dentist.

The dentist can as well utilize non-vital whitening method. This is performed if a tooth has had previous root canal treatments. It entails a replacement of an agent in the interior of the tooth with temporary cover above the tooth. The tooth is consequently left for a number of days.

These procedures may have some serious risks as well. Some people experience sensitive tooth for some time, but you might get mild irritation of the gum. Again, the procedure should be postponed until delivery if a woman is pregnant since this is a cosmetic procedure.

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