Norwalk Back Pain Doctor Alleviates Shoulder And Back Discomfort

By Mathew John

Back pain affects eight out of ten people at some point in their lives, and is more common in individuals over 30. It is often caused by mechanical problems with the back, although it can also be caused by chronic conditions including scoliosis and fibromyalgia, traumatic injury from an accident or fall, or stress. Folks can find relief with a Norwalk back pain doctor.

Risk factors for back pain include age, weight, lack of physical fitness, heredity, poor posture, having to lift a lot for a job or hobby and smoking. Back pain that lasts more than two or three days is likely to need medical attention. Most back pain is acute, meaning it lasts less than six weeks. While acute pain often gets better without medical care, you are likely to be given painkillers.

Adjustments to the spine are an all natural remedy for acute or chronic pain in the back. The skilled professional may also give recommendations for changes to lifestyle like lifting correctly, improving posture, and regularly changing sleep positions. This kind of therapy reduces the dependency on pain medication and helps speed up recovery.

Bed rest for more than a day or so is not typically recommended since it may cause back pain to become worse instead of better. Therapeutic exercise is often recommended for chronic pain. The exercises are individually designed to help recovery and prevent future pain.

For healthy people, an occasional visit to a chiropractor can help keep the spine in proper functioning order - as can regular exercise and learning to sit, stand, and lie correctly.

It is good to know that you are not alone, many people suffer with back pain. Remember that there are a number of effective remedies that are available. Seeing a chiropractor for care typically reduces the need for pain medication and invasive surgeries.

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