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By Lance Aldinger

The most common work-related injuries involve the neck and back. Industrial accidents can result in significant physical, emotional, and financial hardship. It's important for injured employees to be seen by a qualified chiropractor as soon as possible, not only to alleviate pain and get on the road to healing, but also to decrease the likelihood of that injury recurring down the road. Patients who wait to have their injuries examined will probably experience longer recovery times than they would otherwise. For two decades, the SE Portland chiropractor has been helping patients experience significant recovery after on-the-job injuries.

There are times when physical injuries are so severe that people have to miss work hours. An SE Portland chiropractor is capable of communicating with employers in order to relay information such as why a person is out and how long he or she will need to recover. This professional also has the ability to navigate forms pertaining to Workers' Compensation and all related claims.

When patients arrive for an appointment, care providers will conduct a thorough exam, using advanced digital-imaging technologies if needed. They will also explain the results of the exam and address patients' concerns. When the underlying causes of pain are identified, chiropractors engage patients in three phases of care.

The first consists of relief care, as its focus is on alleviating pain. The number of appointments needed depends on the amount of pain the patient is experiencing.

The next phase of care is corrective and restorative and is designed to promote tissue and muscle healing. This usually takes between six months and two full years, with patients schedule for four to eight monthly visits.

Wellness care is step three and this starts when you have completely healed. You will be given routine adjustments to keep additional injuries at bay.

Chiropractors also recognize the importance of collaborating with other healthcare professionals to help patients achieve optimal health following an injury. Practitioners communicate with primary doctors as needed. If additional services are required, chiropractors issue referrals to orthopedic practitioners, surgeons, and neurologists.

This SEO Portland chiropractor can help limit the effects of injuries that are work-related so that people can recover quickly and safely for a rapid return to work.

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