Find Out How A Winnipeg Chiropractor Alleviates Neck Pain

By Hellen Moare

Many folks suffer with neck pain. This is because the neck handles a lot of stress and strain from the weight of the head and from improper posture. A Winnipeg chiropractor can help relieve neck pain naturally in addition to back discomforts.

Pains in the neck can be the result of a many things. Whiplash, often caused by a car collision, happens when the head is sharply jolted forward, back, and side to side. This forceful action causes injury to the muscles and often damages vertebrae in the cervical spine. Athletes will also experience whiplash injury in sports such as football. Degenerative disc disease can also cause damage in the cervical spine.

A lot of neck pain is caused by poor posture and/or a bad sleeping position. A chiropractor can offer advice on your posture, which can reduce pain in the neck and referred pain into the arms. Techniques such as the Blair Upper Cervical that are specially designed to deal with neck pain issues are often employed, along with postural advice and stretches designed to strengthen the neck and restore range of motion.

When vertebrae are forced out of position, spinal adjustments can move them back in to proper alignment. Spinal adjustments are gentle and some folks will not even notice them.

Chiropractic care has been shown to be safe and very effective in relieving neck pain. The therapies applied do not include pain medications or surgeries. Chiropractic methods are an all natural alternative to traditional medicine. This approach can relieve and often eliminate pain with non invasive and gentle techniques, and avoid the harmful affects of prescription drugs.

If you have chronic or acute neck pain, consider contacting a quality practitioner for a consultation. They will be able to look at your neck and upper back and establish a plan of care to restore mobility and relieve pain.

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